I looked around the room, everything appeared familiar for the fifth time. The table this time round had a red table cloth and the girl was wearing a silky dress. To get out this time I had to make precise moves for I only had three more trials. My dead body was still lying on the same position with the knife stuck in my throat.

The time loop which I was in was of no ordinary witchcraft for this was the work of black magic. In that dimension I could hear the old woman enchanting in her foreign Nigerian language. The magic from her gods kept my soul in the chambers. The door knob was made of gold, the hinges diamond. This could be a hint or maybe just a coincidence.

As the other previous times, I started by pouring the blood form the wine glass into the mouth of the gargoyle. The girl in the silk cloth then came to me as always and gave me the piece of paper. “Your soul is not yours to keep until you solve the puzzle and get back to your dead body.” She said as she slit her throat open with a knife. Blood oozed from her neck as she fell down dead, again, for the sixth time.

I looked at her corpse, feeling guilty again, why did I sacrifice this young girl for wealth? Back in the world of the living I was a millionaire with immense wealth and property. But here, in Purgatory, I was nothing but just a mere spirit trying to reclaim it’s soul from the possession of CLAUNECK, an ancient Israeli demon of wealth and fame.

Not in a hurry this time, I sat down looking at my dead body, wondering what I had to do for the wooden door to open without it consuming my eternal spirit, again. From the chambers I could hear the witch, pastors, priests, wizards and the pope all praying and casting spells trying to add more clues for my escape. But it was all in my head. I stood up and drew the knife from my dead corpse, went to the wooden door and stood still. It was time to make the move.

‘No regrets this time,’ I thought to myself, ‘I sacrificed Moana, lived a lavish and happy life on earth, sold my soul, became wealthy, had glory and servants at my command, got tired , demons started chasing me, committed suicide and now I’m trying to save my damned soul from going to the endless pit with Lucifer and his demons.’

Time waits for no man they say, but I was no man anymore and there was no time in the chambers of damned souls. I looked at the dagger, then the table cloth, the wooden door, my corpse, moan’s corpse and finally the gargoyle. I was clueless, stupid, dumb. There was indeed no escape from the horrible deeds did while I was alive.

The wages of sin is death, but mine was not just sin, it was demonic. I traded my life and humanity to become a demon on earth. A crime beyond the ten laws of Moses. My judgement was not with humans but with Lucifer and his demons for I was one of them. I opened the door and let the entity devour my spirit. I had accepted my fate.